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     What Is This Site     

Simply put, it is the latest effort in my continuing quest to make the Black&Blue FFL the Fantasy league.
Obviously the previous two league compilations, Black&Blue: The Early Years, and the B&B 15-Year Synopsis were entertaining in their day and appropriate for the time. But with 27 years of data now in the books, another paper version just wasn't going to cut it. This project won't win any technological advancement awards, but it is a step toward bringing the B&B Historical Society into the modern age.
What Will You See Here?
  • Home Page - League Calendar, Future Enhancements
  • Seasons - Every Season by Year
  • Members - Overall view of worthy Members
  • Records - Various league records
  • The Draft - Each Draft by Year
In addition, what better way to re-introduce the Beer Guy from the original newsletter? There are many things I would like to attempt to do here, but this is just a hobby so additions will be made as time permits. At any rate I hope you enjoy perusing and please let me know what you'd like to see.

-- The Commish     

  Potential Upcoming Themes  
  • 2016 - Auto
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Race Horses
  • Constellation/Zodiak
  • Sports Injuries
  • Periodic Table/Chemistry/BreakingBad
  • Mary Jane Strains
  • Catch Phrases
  • Weapons thru History
  • Olympic Sports
  • Whatever Happened to...
  • History of the Future
  Future Enhancements  
  • Fantasy Legends
  • Member - WinsXYear Chart
  • Seasons - Division View of Standings
  • League Timeline
  • Draft
    • Player Points
    • Rank Drafts
  • Historical Vault - Images/Docs
  • Success Index
  • The Dan
  • Meme Library
  • Greenies Top 10
    • Movies
    • Fantasy Football Memes
    • Other Random Topics
  • Trivia Bowl
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  2017 League Calendar  
Saturday, July 22nd
     Training Camps Open
Thursday, Aug. 24th - Sunday, August 27th
     Weekend Of Greatness
Thursday, September 7th
     Season Opener! Chiefs @ Patriots